Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ha! It works!!!!

Tax day. Well yes, but its also Fat Tony's Birthday! Now the crazy thing about this is he's a CPA and his B-day is Apr 15th! No shit! I always find it funny when you have someone who's identity has something to do with a date or a name.
I knew a guy who's name was Bob Law, yep, he was a Lawyer - and frickin Dick! Surprise? Or this beach chick named Sandy Reef - no lie, however I don't remember her sisters name but they called her Swallow? I don't think she looked like a bird - but it was dark.
Aside from all that, what the hell is with the Rappers giving themselves these names? I always cringe at the guy who gives or trys to slide a nickname in and get it to stick.... Nicknames come from something that fits, like this clown we all know who never shuts up about nothing: Hottalk. Or the guy trying to loose weight by eating sweets that my 6 year old daughter dubbed: Cookie Belly. This stuff sticks! It fits. Then there those with cool names like: The GONDA! Which started as a term for what he was doing - "that was a GONDA!" And those with the great initals like: JT, or JR (who did shoot that guy?) BBI is a good one too.
So with that, Happy Birthday Fat Tony!


Anonymous said...

ya happy birthday ok man

Servidores said...

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Johnny GoFast said...

Griff doesn't have a nickname per se. He does have an image--Mr. Burns from the Simpsons--and that is way better than a nickname.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fat Bird...! Your shit don't fly... Ain't Talking OX!