Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ya can't Bitch if ya don't Vote! - or, I Guess You Can....

Versus is interested in hearing your opinion about the Tour de France, doping, your commitment to cycling, and how interested you are in watching the 2009 race. The purpose is to improve coverage for the coming race so that Versus is giving viewers the experience they want. This is a rare opportunity to directly influence how this monumental event is viewed and enjoyed on air.

To take the Versus Tour de France survey, please click the banner below.


Anonymous said...

is there anything on your blog that you haven't plagiarized? anything?

ServiceCourse said...

Strong "blanket" statement from someone who does not even sign her name??? Lots of stuff comes from all over the web and all the blogs pull from everywhere-
This was an important post, not for how it was written, but for the action it required- Did you vote???? Must have since you're BITCHING!