Friday, October 23, 2009

responce from a USA today article...

These bike riders that ride in the middle of the road are just plain stupid for playing in traffic.And then they wonder why they get hit. Lots of big fast moving vehicles wizzing by that will send them flying. That little bike helmet will crack open like an egg shell along with your skull. These idiots on the bikes that got run over and killed were riding on a road with no shoulder. Very bad idea.. My buddy has a lifted F-350 diesel and comes around a blind turn and there they were. Like a couple of squirrels in the road waiting to get squashed. He just crushed the one and the other went flying 30 feet head first into a tree. Both dead on impact. There was chunks of flesh and clothing on his bumper. But he was lucky he didn't get hurt When you ride your bicycles like that on roads with no shoulders where cars are going 50 mph you are going to end up a red skid mark of road kill. Somebody texting or talking on their cell phone can take you out and turn you into road kill in an instant.

Yup - that's america for ya -