Monday, December 20, 2010

Best of SC - Posted in Dec - 2007 "People Review"

Riding down here is very inspiring - I've met a group calling themselves "Try Athletes" and I guess that's what we're all chasing - trying to be athletes - but these guys got it dicked! As none of them seem to be athletes, they seem to be really try-ing hard - and good for them! They are snappy dressers and none of them seem to have an ounce of self confidence.

As time has past, they have developed a plethora of items to assist this.
Product tests for this entry surround how they choose to cut thru the thick ocean air - cleverly - I might add.

First off - the bars - who know where they get these things? But man are they trick! As you'll see, these guys have all kinds of tricks.

As a road rider, I take my lead from the likes of the Pro field. I thought these guys were the best in the world with the best and fastest gear- I am wrong! However, the bars these Try folks use confuse me... Why don't the pro guys add the garbage shoot to their bars? For years watching the pro peloton throw all that trash on the side of the road has really bugged me - the Try folks have solved that problem - 2 points for their concern for the environment! I like how they throw caution to the "literal" wind!

Next is the clever way to ID one's self - With a Try-Sharpie (available thu $39.95) you simply write your number right on your arm - and then you can remain identifiable for days after the event!! Super Clever!

Next up is how they have a special place for their stuff - no, not like the first picture here - but things like their keys, their gu's and their charm bracelets - clever again - once I rode up beside a girl who had what they call a "Bento Box" and said "Hey, whats in your box?" which was met with a bit of a harsh look? I know I was on a road bike.....

I don't know what the fuck this is? Looks like it would burn....
(click to enlarge)

Marketing is a big thing with them - and from what I can see it works! That's a frickin hot that baby Elephant!!!

But in the end their bikes are so light they can carry them home.

Learning lots - wish you were here!
Soon to come, butt watter and little wheels-

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