Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Versus Cycling Prevention Campaign..... YEP! Its working....

I was going to run this shot backwards, but this guy's soooo guilty its best frozen...

OK ok.... I know I've been getting lapped on the blog posting. Stop writing me!

9 days at the tour of PA and then trying to get my legs back in 3 smoky Norcal days due to 20 fires - in time to go to KY for the Nationals.... Well that didn't work! So I raced on the 4th, 5th,and 6th and now I'm prepping to head to OR and do the Cascade Cycling Classic Stage Race this Fri~Sun....

It's tour time - Could be the Bore de France... who knows, however, we will see who emerges as the 2nd tear winner. That brings me to what is the most undermining commercial by the folks who bring you the TV coverage of the Bore in this country - Versus - or as they like to see it in print - Vs: - ya know, the cowboy ch... Bet those shit kickers dope, why the fuck else would you do that? Anyway, I could not embed the clip but if you click on this link: you will see - not the one they play to death every commercial break - but the extended re-mix (wiki, wiki) - with the surprise ending - the walrus is Paul... David Milar. Have you noticed? The first version had Milar in the ending shots, but the current one running during the Bore has been replaced w/ Vino.... Hmmmm, pressure fro JV?


Not Amgen - we're sure of that!

Do ya think Baseball would run ad's durring the world series with Bonds, McGuire etc... hitting HR's backwards?

I didn't think so.......... Good on ya VERSUS!

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