Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tour De Nez - Drama.....

In the end of a great stage race it comes down to 1 sec! Aaron Olsen worked his ass off in the break and Baz just sat in in the chase - numbers were crunched and in the end it was Aaron by a second! Baz was so pissed he refused to get on the podium.... after some finger pointing and coxing, he climbed up and never broke a frown.

The masters race was frickin hard with a lot of shelled riders - Dan Martin and Phipps went 1 /2 and picked up big cash! The rest of us pack filled to 20th / where the $$$ ended.
Great course and good racing!!!

As for this Blog, I'm off to shoot the U23 Tour of PA - so no post for a week.

Ride safe-

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Anonymous said...

Don't think it was one second. 13 seconds, I think -- which is pretty substantial considering two of the five stages were criteriums.