Monday, June 2, 2008

Mex...... nuf said.

In English:
It attacks drunk cyclists in Matamoros The cyclists were attacked by an drunk conductor who remained slept. Photo: Special The person in charge indicated that she did not notice of the accident because she was drunk and during several hours she had inhaled cocaine Mauro Of the Source Matamoros, Mexico (2 June 2008). - A dead cyclist and 14 wounded, four of them of gravity, were the balance that left an accident brought about by an drunk and drugged conductor that did not respect the security that stayed in a race realised yesterday in the highway Matamoros-Beach Baghdad. Enrique Ibarra, organizer of the Third Tour Matamoros-Beach Baghdad 2008, hardly informed that the fact registered to the 8:30 hours of yesterday, 15 minutes after initiate the race, when the first cyclists came near to kilometer 12,5 of that route. He indicated that to the front of the contingent were units of the Preventive Federal Police, but the driver of a vehicle Great Marquis model 1989, with plates of circulation of Texas, remained slept due to the intoxication state in which he was and he invaded the opposite track, hitting the cyclists. Elements of the PFP stopped in the place to Juan Fields, of 29 years, that said to live in Brownsville, Texas. The person in charge indicated that she did not notice of the accident because she was drunk and during several hours she had inhaled cocaine. Guadalupe Sustaita, from 18 years, that accompanied Fields, was injured, reason why it had to be transferred to the general hospital " Alfredo Pumarejo". The woman, who also was under the influences of the alcohol, declared before the Public Ministry that minutes before had asked to him to the subject lowered that it, because it was quite drunk. On the asphalt tape it was the body of the cyclist Alexander Alvarez, of 34 years, that presented/displayed fracture of skull and blows in all the body. The authorities informed that Miguel González, of 32 years; Alexander Martinez, of 37; Rolando Lorigut, of 37; and Edgar Omar Castro, of 14, is in the intensive care unit of Valley Medical Baptist Center de Brownsville. Also they were injured to Julio Garci'a, of 37 years; Luis Fernando the Perez, of 31, who are boarding schools in center Doctor the International, as well as Juan Marchant, who was committed in the general hospital " Alfredo Pumarejo". Fields, that were stopped in the place of the accident by elements of the Preventive and transferred Federal Police to the cells of the Police Railing, it was briefed to the agency number 5 of the Public Ministry, by the crime of guilty homicide. The race, in that 452 cyclists participated, who are realised by third consecutive year in Matamoros had as she puts to cross a distance of 34 kilometers, from kilometer 6 of the highway Matamoros-Beach Baghdad to arriving at the spa, but due to the incident this one was cancelled.


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Here's a link to the Fox News Story, if you want to read a shorter version in English:,2933,362147,00.html

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