Monday, June 2, 2008

Howdy Neighbor..... That Was Right Friendly of Ya!

This appeared in our local newspaper - why would any editor print this kind of thing?

Bicycle Threat Attention Truckee Drivers.

In the past few decades, we in Truckee have had to be very careful of wild animals on the local highways and roads. In recent years, we are faced with new threat, the bicycle.These creatures demand to be treated equally, they are required by law to obey the same motor vehicle laws as the automobile driver. They don't. They run red lights, for fear of having to take their shoes out of their pedal clips, they don't signal for turns, they don't ride in their lanes, they speed down hills and they all use the mid­dle finger gesture. Be very careful they are back for the summer.

Terry Erhardt

...And now for the real story - This fat fuck who lives in Truckee only in the summer to extract high dollars building the mini lodges for the rich from the west, was last seen in court attempting to line his pockets with the cash of a couple riding a tandem that he passed and then hit his brakes and turned in front of them causing them to crash into the Porsche he was driving - "they made me late to 7-11 for me booze!" He jumped out and went nutz on the couple and took them to court for the damages HE caused! A real class act.......

Drop him a line-

Terry Erhardt

ConstructionAddress: 11354 Bennett Rd.

City: Truckee

State: CAZip Code: 96160

Metro Area: Lake Tahoe


Contact: Terry Erhardt

Telephone Number: (530) 587-1788

Fax Number: (530) 582-1790

Mobile Number: (530) 448-6169

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