Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First timer makes good!

Cop is a no joke race... this sent in from a first timer


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is my first post so I'm sure I'm going to take some flak. I'll try to avoid power numbers, weight and whether or not I had a good crap that day.

First race of my 55+ racing career was good fun. I'd pointed toward Copperopolis since my last ski race in mid February. Had a cold 3 days before the race and debated not going but figured it could still be a good training ride. 35 in the field. Paco told me to keep an eye on John Elgart so I did. The road was pretty crappy but after a while it was forgotten. The first climb reduced the field to about 15 and then we kind of cruised, noone wanted to work into the wind. The first climb of the second lap reduced the field to about 11. No real moves until the second climb where Rich Larson and a few others took off. I matched them and stayed in the top 5 or so. I led the downhill to stay out of trouble. Barely noticed the bad road. I let the group catch up and then stayed in the top 3. No moves until about 200 or 300 meters out. John and Mark Caldwell take off. I jump on John's wheel and then sprint past him inside 100 meters. Caught them by surprise as they hadn't seen me before. Did a goofy fist pump crossing the line which I apologized for later. Neither John or Mark seemed to mind. They were quite gracious but I know they will be out to kick my ass next time.


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