Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Philly is ON!!!!!

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4 29 09 5:55PM BREAKING NEWS: RACE IS ON!!! RACE IS ON!!! read all about it!!!

4 28 09 5:45PM BREAKING NEWS: IT'S NOT OVER YET! ...And We DO believe in miracles! more...

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The event that started it all for international, professional cycling in the U.S. needs your help. After 24 years as the largest single-day, professional cycling race in North America, the Philadelphia International Championship is in jeopardy.

The economic challenges experienced in both corporate and civic circles have converged to create a shortfall in the operating budget of the race’s 25th year, and the reality of the situation is that unless a $500,000 gap can be closed in the next several days, the race will be cancelled. (To read an article on the status of the race in The Philadelphia Inquirer, click here. To read their helpful editorial, click here)

While the scenario seems extraordinary, what we know is truly extraordinary is the love of this event among fans, cyclists and sports enthusiasts in Philadelphia, throughout the Delaware Valley and across the country. This is a decidedly difficult position for any event organizer – and perhaps one that’s become too familiar in recent months.

However, it is because of the incredible support the Philly race has enjoyed throughout its history, that we are bringing an appeal directly to you, the fans and cycling community. Thousands of fans line the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and streets of Manayunk each June to watch the world’s best in this sport. There is power in those numbers, and we’re hoping that power can help save the 25th running of the race.

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