Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fast Wensday's......


The Truckee Wednesday night bicycle ride now has two different versions. The “A” ride will depart at 6:00pm and the “B” ride will depart at 6:15pm. Both groups require pack riding skills, with the “A” ride requiring racing skills/abilities as well.

The "B" Group will be the original format that the Wed. ride has been since 1994. Meaning is it is a fast, yet controlled ride, where pace line work, group riding techniques, proper pace line rotations, are the main emphasis.

For the fast guys / girls who are going in the “A” group, the idea is to get more of a “race style” training ride. Here again, pack riding; as well road racing experience is a must.

The "B" ride and the "A" ride take the same route. The "B" group will ride down Hwy-89 in a single rotating pace line at a warm up speed of approximately 20mph. On the front pulls last 50-100 pedal rotations, then out right. When the ride turns onto Alpine Meadows Road, its fair game, fast or slow, up to the parking lot sign where there is a re-grouping. The return to the Squaw Valley traffic light is mellow. There stop and regroup. For the ride back, depending on the number of riders, break into two or more groups. (Could even have a women's group, up to the riders there?) The first group is the fastest, generally returning at 30-32 mph. The following group(s) not quite as fast. The return is ridden as a team time trial format back to West River St. It is a single pace line, with fast rotations, up front for only-25 pedal rotations, riding at the average speed each group can maintain, not the pace of the fastest rider. Get up to the pack’s pace, then maintain that speed. No surging, no attacks, not unlike a steady team time trial or a working break away. Keep it steady and safe, no sprint at the end. It is most important to not ramp up the speed. Likewise if you can not pull thru at the established speed, it is equally OK to sit out in the back.

The difference with the "A" Group is it will open up the pace from the dump road on. On turning up Alpine Meadows Road any thing goes to the top, with a re-group at the Alpine parking lot sign, then a re-grouping between Alpine and Squaw so everyone is together for the start back from Squaw to Truckee. The "A" group will discuss the night’s format further when they all meet before the ride or up top at Alpine: i.e. attacking, sprints, multiple small chase groups, etc... Whatever everyone feels is safe and productive. Besides having road racing skills, be prepared to come back fast, 32-36mph.

The choice of which group to place yourself in is up to you. Just remember that what ever group you are in, know the guidelines and follow them. Both groups will obey all the traffic rules, stay out of the car lanes on 89, and stop for ALL red lights and stop signs. Riding safely is of paramount importance.

Both rides leave from the east side of the Safeway/Gateway Center parking lot by Round Table Pizza.


No_Time_2_Train said...

Which group contains the "Friends of Service Course"?

Gary Mandy said...

I will be there.

Gary Mandy said...

Look forward to it.