Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CA Masters super team based in Los Angeles??? From: Phoenix Cycling Examiner, Joe Wells

In recent days it has been leaked that the USADA (United States Anti Doping Association) has been planning over 25 cases against US based Professional and Masters riders. There have been many rumors heard, including one from California that a current National Masters champion will be sanctioned for doping. Finger pointing has already begun with a specific Masters super team based in Los Angeles.

In news today, Jelly Belly Professional rider Jonathan Chodroff admitted to EPO purchase and use, and has quit cycling. Many will remember his early season performances at such local events as the Valley of the Sun stage race and larger California races.

Several weeks ago Kenny Williams, a well recongnized Masters racer from Seattle was suspended for doping. For some time doping had seemed to be reserved to professionals with money to be made. We now see findings in all areas of sports. A major race earlier this year in California announced doping controls prior to the start of a masters event. A significant number of riders removed themselves from the start line to prevent being tested.

Part of the fallout that is on the near horizon stems from a case where Joe Papp is involved. Who is Joe Papp? Well he was a very low level Professional rider that raced some in Europe, and had a few finishes here in the US. He has been sanctioned for his own doping but has revealed also, and has been punished for selling doping products to racers throughout the US. The expectation is that many of the cases are based on those sales.

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