Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mark Hurlbert needs a bike ride.....

Colorado District Attorney Mark Hurlbert has dropped felony charges against Martin Joel Erzinger, a Morgan Stanley Smith Barney wealth manager who controls $1 billion in investments, because financial rules would require Erzinger to notify his clients that he was charged with a felony, and this would have "serious job implications" for the financier. Erzinger is facing charges for allegedly rear-ending cyclist Dr. Steven Milo, and then leaving the scene of the crime. Milo, a liver transplant surgeon, has spinal and brain injuries, disfiguring scars, and will likely be in pain for the rest of his life.

So, where is the team on this issue?


healthiswealth said...

Mr. Erzinger ought to be ashamed of himself. How can anyone trust him with billions of dollars if he cannot be accountable for his moral, ethical and criminal actions?

I guarantee that if someone hit his wife, partner, child, or loved one as he did, Mr. Erzinger would use the full extent of the law to bring them to justice. He would not stand idly by and let someone get away with this act. And, Mark Hulbert, you are a weak, spineless attorney who has, once again, demonstrated that you will cave in due to political and financial influence. Too bad it was not your wife or child who got hit by Mr. Erzinger! Then what?

Martin, you are a bloody criminal and hypocrite. Your team, Morgan Stanley 24 Hour Fitness carries your burden and will not be respected because of your lack of accountability.

These comments probably will not have any effect on a hardened, greedy, arrogant thing like Hulbert or Erzinger since they have fought their way to the top screwing people over most of their lives to get what they got. They are used to these types of comments, I'm sure.

Furthermore, I know SPM's at California's State Pension Fund, CalPERS, and will let them know about your felonious activity and lack of morality and accountability.

You will not get away with this.

ServiceCourse said...

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Great points!!! Keep us in the loop as you move fwd with this!