Monday, May 26, 2008

And the winner is..... 5 years old and w/o a BIKE!

Take a close look at this photo-

Golden State Crit yesterday, one of which saw so many crashes they changed the course, saw what could have been the end of that race and, well, what could have been the end of the kid in the foreground....

The last race of the day - I think it was 45+ 3,4 had a young OJ attempt to commit "Childhood Suicide" I think there is some kind of pill or vaccine for this condition that pushes those "feelings" off into adulthood, or at least pre-teen.... Kudos to the 6 in the break who reacted quickly avoiding the Jr. OJ as he got to the center and did the bob-n-weave as if avoiding the rushing team... fade right, spin, and such stylish footwork Juice (from concentrate)! However, by upsetting the field (and his parents - who must have been at a different race - or Denny's) a few of the guys in the break decided this was the time to attack those who skidded to a stop while avoiding the orphan. That is pussy racing! and Jr. Juice's move had a total effect on the outcome of the race.

So in the end we are happy to report the yuth in question in back safely in the arms of his father - THE CORNER-WORKER! Yep, the guy with the flag on that corner!

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