Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I got nothin....

Jesus! now that weather has gotten better life is a blur - riding has gotten harder and recovery always to be the last thing on the list. I skipped the local RR last night to build Fat Tony's new $10K Felt DA. As always, that thing is sick! I did some number crunching re: taking the price of that bad boy and my figures show it will cost FT $500 a ride over the life of the bike. Good investment for a CPA? At least it sets the bar for fixed-family-income. Anyway, good thing I did not race as there was a crash in the sprint leaving one guy out cold and Puddin loosing yet another good finish as he rolls into Dr. Puddin mode.... truth is, we race with two doctors both ER guys. One fast, one slow. One GQ, one IQ.... the personal list goes on, but the point is you both should make a deal on coverage, something like Dr. Puddin forward, and GQ everything else?

Kinda weird to think of the the local peloton as a single organism. That's to say, with the after mentioned two, we also have a gynecologist - that guy is the busiest in the group as we have a lot of pussies in there this time of yr. but he never seems to be able to cure them....

There's also a CPA who is constantly keeping track of the attacks and viability of of a break sticking - considering the biorhythms of each, number of teams represented and taking the average age of the entire attendees of the break into account.

There are also the lawyers... yes we got em, I keep waiting for one to sue for someone not pulling thru, crossing the center line or flat out just winning and causing emotional distress! But that's the point! We do this to cause emotional distress!

Hmmm,....... maybe I do have something......?

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jrennie said...

I thought we raced for the cool looking scars. I made sure to get some new ones last night, Chicks dig scars!