Thursday, May 1, 2008

.....Annnnnnnnnnd, WE'RE BACK!

OMG! The Tour de Georgia. The roads are unreal in the Blue Mtns!! every year I just can't believe how great they are - not a crack or pothole, the grass grows right up to the edge and the just sweep and bank forever - if you ever get a chance..... don't pass it up. The people are great and as there are few fancy coffee's to offer an excuse of running over a rider on way to one - its mellow.
As for race reports - they are everywhere so I'll skip that. Rock Racing again is like that super hot chick who looks so unreal and when you get her home and naked shes covered in stretch marks! 6 support cars and trailers, 3min spots on our shows and a million dollar 2008 bus. Yet no results - still good to have them included.
Some of the chases were so fast - they were holding 35~42 for over an hour all strung out tip to tail!!

We had some good times and some not so good times... one day the 2nd moto broke a drive shaft and I was hung out to shoot fro 5 hrs straight on the longest stage 135mi.! 35lb camera - I was wasted!
We produced a live webcast, a 30min. show and fed images to the big screens everyday. This sun (May 4) Versus has the 2-hr show.

So here are some images - its good to be back!

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