Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dude- Don't Bogart the Stash.......

From: EP
A decision regarding whether to prosecute Tom Boonen for his positive test for cocaine is expected to be meted out on February 3 by a judge from the Belgian town of Turnhout. Boonen faces up to five years in prison if convicted, and his status as one of cycling's elite sprinters is very much up in the air. In fact, Boonen could find himself missing the Tour of California in February should he have to face trial.

Boonen is an undeniable talent capable of great things in the cycling world. But by making poor decisions off the bike, the tall sprinter could see his legacy be one of a criminal instead of an elite cyclist. In fact it has been revealed that Boonen used cocaine multiple times, and his recreational drug use may be a bigger problem than originally thought.

Worst of all is that Boonen's Quick Step team may be without its top star at Cali
fornia. With Gert Steegmans gone, the Quick Step team will depend almost exclusively on Boonen to represent them in the sprints, and without him they would be reduced to a race day wild card, forced to follow attacks and hope to find the right break away on a race by race basis.

It is more likely that Boonen will be let off easy than punished harshly, but he'll be on a short leash going forward. One more misstep cou
ld mean a lengthy suspension and possible jail time for the 28 year old Belgian legend. Quick Step boss Patrick Lefevre and the rest of the Quick Step team will need to remain in close contact with Boonen in the interest of keeping their star on the straight and narrow. Providing they do, the cycling world should be treated to an early season spectacle when Boonen faces off against Mark Cavendish and the rest of the best sprinters in the world at the Tour of California.

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