Thursday, January 22, 2009

BBI Resurfaces........

Some of you have been asking for an update on the Broke Back Idiot AKA: BBI.

Well we are happy to say he still is alive..... taking bets on how long that will last, anyhow, below is his latest offerings.... and for those of you who need to be brought up to speed on BBI, here's a primer..

Making a time trial helmet with your cereal box is a no-brainer if your pride in your result is more important to you than your pride in your look. Take a look at the pictures below and create your own aero-helmet. The really cool thing about this procedure is that you can customize your helmet to your current road helmet, your back profile, and shoulder profile. Be sure to measure twice, cut once. BBI-

These are the supplies you will need.

Cut your box into 4 panels.

Make two of these side pieces with opposite sides in mind to keep color coordination.

Roll the cardboard to make a smooth, rounded surface.

Cut this piece for the top.

Connect the pieces with masking tape. When the final product is finished, use duct tape to make the connections stronger.

Cut the back to follow your back and shoulder profile.

Fill in the bottom section. Make sure the end is curved so that it fits around your neck.

View of the bottom of your helmet.

Attach ear pieces.

Thanks Zach!!!!!

Now you just need to tape it to your helmet and saran wrap the front of the helmet smoothly to connect with the cardboard teardrop. This will make the whole front aero too. Add sponsor stickers and race!

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