Friday, November 2, 2007

BBI pipes UP!....

OK, even I can admit that October can be the cruelest of months, at least for the Laine family, it was worse that Cruella De Vil was to all those frickin dalmations. Our tally was 6 broken bones (4 in my back, and 2 in my son's forearm, and a mild 2nd degree burn courtesy of a Starbucks Vente Sumatra-which next to Peets Major Dickinsons is one of the finest coffee products available). November has started off better. Why, it's nearly 4 pm and nary a disaster in sight. (Well, I did get called to school today to pick up the twin brother of the broken forarm boy who augered off the monkey bars onto his head, but no concussion). While I am lacking proof, I do strongly suspect Betonte has put a hex upon my brood an I, and soley to enhance his blog. Mountian scum! Keeping it all in perspective is the key. My back is healing at an impressive rate; twin 1 had his arm set and should do well, twin 2 seems to have avoided a significant head injury, and I am only weeks from being freed from holy matromony. Can I have a "hallelujah" from the congregation please. "Hallelujah!"When I go to work, I see people who really do have problems. My current run of misforturns are but small inconviences. 6 months ago I thought I was living a country western song when my ex was threatening to leave with my babies, someone hit my truck, (Betonte again? Fuck that guy!) and my old dog was run over and ded. Now I fondly look back on that period as "the good old days". Still, if it weren't fer bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.
Still living the C-W life.jl

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Johnny GoFast said...

I'm not certain I have you two totally straight yet and now you both are posting on this site? It's all so confusing. To the real JL, glad to hear you're taking this all in stride. Marriage is the easy part, kissin' 'em after they've been chewing your ass all day is the tough part.