Monday, November 19, 2007

Pacolocks, the Three Bears, and truth behind Randall’s leaving the country.

More from the 2007 Cycling Awards Party
click on the photo to read the plaque-
Paco hit a bear this year on his bike sparking the story below which was read to him prior to receiving his trophy-
Once upon a time in a neat little cottage there lived three bears
One was a daddy bear and one was a mama bear and one was a wee bear.

While they were out a-walking, through the deep woods, a-stalking came a little man with white hair on a little bike
His name was Pacolocks and he rode with great speed – such a speed not a bear could match. We know this as Pacolocks struck Papa Bear before any formal greetings were made – now Papa Bear had spoken to his neighbor, the long boarder who had much the same run-in with Pacolocks and knew the dangers of an introduction to the little man on the bike- “I’m Pacolocks damn it!” echoed thru the valley….

Once contact was made, each seemed to fear the other all the more – Papa bear gathering up Momma and Wee bear, and as Pacolocks picked himself up, just then his trusty Elf “Patch” arrived – the Patch looked around and sensing danger said in her wee voice “Pacolocks, we’re outa here” and with that, for home they head-

Meanwhile a stranger knocks upon a door, he knocks but no one is there…
So he walked right in and had himself a time cuz he didn't care. The door was not fastened, because Pacolocks and the Patch were good Folks, who did nobody any harm, and never suspected that anybody would harm them.
Upon the stove sat a big pot of porridge- once full, he emptied all the contents of the hard drives to his flash drive then dug thru the drawers for any cash and jewelry – like the matching right-side diamond of Pacolocks earring set.
Then he got sleepy, went upstairs to bed, when...
Home, came Pacolocks and the Patch!
Hey, someone’s been eating my recovery porridge said Pacolocks,
Someones been eating my recovery porridge said the Patch,
And then they noticed the worst of it all, the cloths on the floor were all heaped in a ball. The cloths had been dumped all over the floor, and gone were the ones used to dress like a whore…. Yes, the intruder had put on some of the Patches more erotic clothing…..

And Pacolocks said in a huff “this will not stand!”
Sooo Pacolocks and the Patch slowly, and I mean slowly, crept up the stairs to see…
Just then Randall woke up, broke up the party and beat it out of there with flash drive in hand
Bye-bye! Shouted Pacolocks
Goodbye, said the Patch
And they watched as Randall ran all the way to Austria – dressed like a whore…

All good stories have a happy ending… Now that Randall is gone, the Three Bears are having a hell of a time running the bike shop they received in the settlement and Pacolocks and the Patch are at Victoria’s Secret!
More tomorrow-

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