Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Oh the humanity...

  1. “When I hear on TV that a cyclist has been hit and killed by a car, I laugh; I think it’s funny,

  2. “If you are a cyclist you should know I exist, that I don’t care about you. That I don’t care about your life.”

95.5 radio broadcast of “The Playhouse” on July 13, 2006 and July 16, 2006 included a number of inflammatory statements that could negatively impact the safety of Portland. These statements may have included sentiments that news of people dying is funny.

....and then this guy,
During morning rush hour 6/2, a DJ for Bernie Miklasz Show on local "sports" station, AM 1380, said the proper place for bicycles is underneath cars.
My biggest pet peeve with bicyclists is when they destroy the environment by not getting out of the way, causing huge numbers of cars to back up and use more gas and spew more emissions. When possible, bicyclists should pull over and let the backed-up vehicles pass. Some "critical massholes" deliberately block traffic, taking up all lanes, causing enormous extra oil consumption and harmful emissions.
It's also bad when bicyclists speed through stop signs and red lights. Few things cause more road rage against innocent bicyclists than the bad cyclists that want the rights to use roadways without the responsibilities. Cyclists caught breaking traffic laws should be ticketed as if they were in a car. Naturally a "St. Louis stop" of say, under 5 MPH, shouldn't be a problem, but some go through at 20 MPH or more.
If the "spandex geeks" and "critical massholes" behaved better, there might be fewer attacks on the good cyclists. Of course many drivers will be hostile toward cyclists no matter what, as they're intimidated by the superior people who don't drive.
———-Transcript of 6/2/2006 Bernie Miklasz show (bike segment starts 2h20m in):

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