Sunday, November 25, 2007

Other notables from the 07 Cycling Awards...

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The new SIDI "Gondarella" was presented to none other than our good ol friend The_______A!

Who's name I may never use on this blog, has filed suit against our own Good Time Charlie, ServiceCourse. Where's the love The GONDA!?

SHIT! shit! I didn't just write that, did I? oh god oh god oh god! No. No, I done running......

Sue me! That's frickin right! Sue me! Sue her, sue everybody! Hope you liked your award... all in fun.

Next up was a first for the Cycling Awards Party - our first live remote!
That's right! TR is holding the phone as we had "Tony the Cat" on the other end as he was "unable" to attend - ya need to click the photo, but he received this cuz he hit a truck head-on with his head-down! Died twice in the chopper, but in the end.. he made it! And what did he get for his efforts? That's right.... all he got was this stupid t-shirt. Oh, and another crack at life!

This is Rick. Rick took a 3week river trip down the Colorado River. Rick also took his wife. Rick also took food, a boat, drinks, friends, sunscreen and a BIKE & TRAINER! Yep - big props buddy - so you get a Curious George Rides a Bike CD to listen to as you ride that trainer! See Rick Win the Masters Worlds on Nordic Skis this winter! Go Dog Go!!

For some reason the Broke Back Idiot thought it would be funny to give me an award? mmmmm, I don't get it... No, I really don't.

Good ol Green Jeans narrowly pulled off the DNS award - but he'll be back.... oh ya

Has anyone ever seen such an authentic smile?

The Annual "Big Cajones" Award went to none other than The Patch! At __years old, she keeps all riders off Pacolocks rear wheel not to mention keeping him in "recovery porgy"

Presenting the BC award is the winner of the Future Man Award - for his "next year is my year" approach! The Eagle-

The "Dead Salmon" went to Too Tall Todd for all his hard work

in getting the river trail paved for all - "It's an up-stream battle, and even if you don't get laid - in this town - you still get fucked!

And then you die."

And then there's BBI - this is the actual rock he landed on braking his back in 4 places- if you need a primer, go back to Oct on the blog and read on.... IDIYIT!

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