Sunday, November 11, 2007

freeBASE Training!

AP: 10 NOV 2007

This is how SSN rolls when one of our own reaches a milestone. Mikuni's own Taro, skips the big Pewee Herman "cum-back" party at Acro Arena in lieu of the RR 40th B-Day bash n rain-soaked hung-over next-day ride -much more on that Tues... Anyway, raw fish a-plenty and The little Miss lay'd it on the line for her man, and popped out of her
shell(s) with a few nuggets that you will never read about on this Blog! Mmmm, maybe a pic or two.... stay tuned - and the Blog counter went crazy...

Some tried to hide their fun...

Well, actually, this was taken while I was trying to talk his wife out of breast implants

JD - I am truly am sorry for this.
Keep reading!

Jlaine showed his new line of .... men's sox? Fitting!

and a great time was had by all!

Stock photo
The Darkside rocked it with a "revealing" hop fueled speech..
Happy Birthday!!


Johnny GoFast said...

You could post that picture of Mr. Burns (Simpson character--not the dude on your team) everyday and I'll chuckle everytime.

Oh, and the lapse in inviting me to the party, although fitting, is just another slight to be sure. And I am keeping score.

Steve Griffiths said...

I'm keeping score too Gregg!