Monday, October 8, 2007

'Tis but a scratch.....

JLaine breaks back in 4 places - last night!

First MTB ride of the season, at the end of the season.....
In an effort to keep up with a "faster" rider, JLaine gets in over his head and lands on it!

This was a scary time to see a guy who's more a pit bull than a pussy in such pain - and he RODE out!

Once we got home it quickly sets in - a perfect time to take advantage of him, but we were kinda freaked out, save for later - Cathy, Chiropractor, and wonderful wife, examined him, turned and gave me the one look I've learned to understand in a flash, this is not good. Off to the ER and he is dieing... poor guy.

The cat scan is performed

This thing is crazy! They shoot it, and it fly's around the world and is read in Australia and sent back! No shit!

We get the news, and just as Cathy thought, broken Transverse Possess, 3 of them L-2,3,4 broken with the T-4 Body fractured and some involved nerve pressure.

Dude, aside from the breaks, are you sure you're OK?

The x-ray guy gave me a disc of the whole CT and now I know why these things are so pricey. You put the disc in and it auto-loads. Then you can spin it around, flip it etc... The coolest part is if you click on the fractures you get an audio clip from the fracture location that spans 3sec before the impact thru 3sec after.
3 sec. before impact audio files:
  • T-4: you rock! You da MAN! Don't let that prick get away from you-
  • L-3: ya, ca-mon pussy
  • L-2: He's right, Faster, FASTER!
  • L-4: I'm not so sure this is such a good idea.... We need to pick up the kids, and do laundry, and tomorrow we need to go get the new shocks on the truck, oh, and the tires as well, and all that paperwork, and the 7:45am meeting. Maybe we should just head in now...
  • T-4: Shut the hell up! You're gonna break his concentration!
  • L-3: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • L-2: Hey man is that a... shit shit SHIT!
  • L-4: Oh NO! ohnoohnoohnoohnoohnoohnoohno - this is not happening (closing his nerves)..

3 sec. during & after impact audio files:

  • L-4: No, it looks as if we are going to hit on the head first... Have any of you guys talked to those guys up there - do they know what's going on?
  • L-2: Dudes, this is not cool.... so not-cool....
  • L-3: Well, I'm out - I think I'll come back as a penis.
  • L-2: You idiot! Your a bone - there is no bone in Boner...
  • Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee we GO!


  • L-4: Guys, guys, is everyone OK? Speak to me...
  • L-2: woahhhhhhhhhhhhh, dudes, I think I'm broken..
  • L-3: me too.... shit...arrrrrrrrrr
  • T-4: ditto.
  • L-3: OK he should just lay here and wait for help,
  • L-2: ya, that's what he'll do, just lay here..
  • L-4: FUCK, he's getting up, somebody stop him...
  • T-4: quick call in a favor from the lower extremities, fold this shit up, we're hurt up here!
  • L-3: Everyone!, spasms NOW!
  • T-4: IT'S NOT WORKING! HE'S MOVING, HE'S WALKING!.... click, dial-tone................

So there ya have it - right from the source. We spent 3hrs in the Hos-ta-poll (as Taylor puts it). He's home now, running around town doing everything that was planned, as if nothing happened.

And all I can say is Wellllllllllllllllllllllll................. Could have been worse.


Anonymous said...

Shyte, we're you guys riding off that drop off from where you took the photo? That looks like about a 6 foot drop. That's sum crazy stuff for your age!

PS - been there done that. L1-T12 compression fracture from a MTB bike crash. Tell JLaine I never had any further probs after recovery. Tend to try to keep the rubber on the ground now though.

Oh, and just looking at those x-rays made me stop slouching for a few minutes. I'm such a fine slouch.


K Bickel said...

That's one painful mother of an injury I can tell ya.

Broke my L4 and some neck vert when I smack-dabbed the turn ten wall at the Old Sears track. Back then it was a one downshift then full throttle drift to the for the long straight after, with only a row of old Firestones between you and the concrete wall. We was men back then. But I digress.

What I learned that might be useful for JLaine:

1) Kaiser Wheelchairs are both easily stolen AND easily wheelied. They make great walkers if you can't hold yourself up (ripped all the back muscle to pieces at the same time).

2) Beer is a better painkiller than Vicoden (AKA "Vitamin "V" amongst the racing crowd). Well, it might not knock the pain down quite as well, but it sure makes daytime TV better if you only have four channels.

3) You can still do the dance of the doublebacked camel while healing. Like cycling, it just takes dedication and a high tolerance for pain.

Pass on the get well.

No word on the Dallas Cowpokes thing yet.

Anonymous said...

ouch on the back breakage - heal up fast JL

the Roy poll made spill my coffee...