Sunday, October 7, 2007

Leaving Las Reno, Wheelmen dat is...

From the last race w/ the Wheelmen
original posting: 8/07

Carson Valley Classic CriteriumMinden, NV

Yo- what kinda wack biker gang you playn - Beotch!

So here we be at da districts ...... seems as if we were all just learnin` to walk? Mo`e on that later....The Districts be broken down by age in 5 yr increments. Jlaine, Sven (after $45 in cel phone calls to dig him dere), GONDA! Barney and myself down from da hood - So. Central Truckee.

Jlaine, Barney, John Marshal and myself in da 45+, GONDA! Gossi and Edgar in 50+, Sven in da 4/5 race.... (respect). Super nice course, not much wind - grfeed place to watch a race, Shade n grass fo` da hecklers. As we be waitin` fo` da start uh our race in da last lap Jeff P. from Safeway goes down in da last corner and breaks his collarbone. Word! Earlier in da race Hernandez (formerly Safeway) clips a pedal and goes down while in da lead - hard- speculation be a broken pelvis, but time shows he'll be racing dis weekend. Hardman.

Our race gots da typical hitters including Nolan (AMD) and Bubba (Clover). ah` was dere. Kinda - Rewind, JLaine took 4th in da road race da day befo`e! Nice one JLaine. So what do ya do when yo` bloomin` race bro gets one? Well in So. Central ya` celebrate - I'm so frickin hung-ova on da line, a win to me means no vomit fo` 50 min.

phat job JLaine, cheers!

The race was typical, (sho`t uh JLaine lookin` fo` a wheel to start da race wid as he flatted right befo`e we started - he had to chase us uhf da line to start) . Some guys throwing stuff uhf da front back n fo`th, some fun charap. John Marshall flatted and had a mechanical wid da replacement wheel. Barney went out. Flash fwd - at about 11 to go Langley (Mo`gan Stanley) goes uhf and we leave him dere wid just enough rope when out uh da blue da wo`lds hardest wo`kin teammate, JLaine, goes uhf da front after Bickel (VOS) (who went fo` a preme) and pulls up to him and says \"com-on fucker, we've got a gap\" (he's super subtle) and uhf they go to close on Langley. Kurt be one uh da guys ya` could motivate in such a manner.They eventually make up a group uh 4~5 and wo`k hard to keep da break. At about 4 to go Bubba, Larry and ah` pick up da pace...... in that order - fine intense. ah` don't barf. We catch da break and ride thru - phat wo`k JLaine but ah` don't feel rested. 2 to go and it's on. On da last lap Bubba makes his move and Larry leaves him out just far enough fo` him not to slow - critical moment. we catch Bubba goin` into da corner befo`e da \"S\" turns (as ah` kin't spell chicane). After da \"S\" turns it's da sprint. Bubba, Larry, then me. Larry makes dat around Bubba and ah` dig him at da line. Larry, me then Bubba. Reno - Silver.
Fun race and ah` neva` threw up! Winner!!!

I'll gots`ta let GONDA! and Sven repo`t on their races - let's hear dat boyz......

Had to include my new cat 2 pin I received for my upgrade - Much better than that ol 5-cat pin I had this past spring...

On a somewhat sad note (for us), JLaine and I are leaving the Wheelmen after a fun season - we want to race with a 35+ 45+ group that are able to make more races throughout the year, so that meant joining a team on the other side of the summit. Reno has a ton of great talent, and I'm sure we'll still be ridin with all of you at home n at the races!

Pourin some out for our Reno Homies......
Thanks gang!

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