Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mystery Men... seen it?

I find this time of year to be a giant exhale... for most of us, racin is over and all there is left to do is stack wood, drain sprinklers and put the yard to sleep... it's the cancer of summer. November really sucks - to cold to ride and no snow yet - Mexico is always good though, are we down to one Peso to the Dollar yet? - I think it's time to put Pee Wee Herman on our money.
An email arrived today on this rainy morning...

"As eccentrically well-versed as you seem to be in the mundane, THIS movie has gotta be in your cinematic repertoire... One of my personal favorites!!!" RJ -SSN
I have not seen it yet, but thought some of you may have?

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Andrew (My-alter-ego-hamish) said...

I'm glad you brought up this issue. We as cyclists do not get enough visibility in the community. The way I see it is as long as we are already wearing lycra, why not the cape? I have dibs on the Mr. Furious costume.

Hamish Sipowitz (Andrew Lancashire's alter ego in the form of a Russian mafia cake and bomb maker)