Sunday, October 7, 2007

The abyss w/o a team.....

From 6/25/07
Burlingame Crit Sun.
Lots of team support - the season ends soon, anyone want to race?

Burlingame Crit Sun.

5 corner - somewhat tight as the E3's tend not to drill it, you get flanks that come around on both sides as the field slows and are forced back - repeat. That said, 10 abreast in the corners made for a dangerous race. Being the only TRW male in attendance (Christine held up the flag for the TRW women) it sucked! This is one of the bigger crits of the year and the field is made up of "teams" 4~7 deep.

Lap 10 - wide pack. I feel a ft. wheel dragging against my foot and some slight whimpering over my shoulder.... next comes the sounds of a car crash that slowly fades away as we continue.

4 to go - car crash #2 as a group goes into the metal barriers....

2 to go - I work up to 3rd position, 1- to go, a guy on the ft up's it and the guy in ft. of me fails to match so after a bit I go, I wave thru the guy behind - no go - I look back and who's there??? His team mates. So I sprint and it's too late so I just drifted across - 10th. I felt like crap the whole race and looked at my SRM and saw only 1100 watts. Down from my avg. 1500w. I'm mid season tired and a bit sick. I skipped the 35+ 123 race.

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