Monday, October 22, 2007

Broke Back Idiot..... Jlaine rides again!

To those of you who thought it was a joke - see: Tis But A Scratch... post mon. Oct 8th, I assure you it was not - broken in 4 places, Jlaine rides again! I got a call saying "I'm better now and I want to ride". "Who is this"?... ah but none other than the good doctor herself! Yes DOCTOR - ya know, the one who tells you that YOU! can't ride your bike for 6 weeks! But I guess he can? Or, um, do as I say not as I.... or, who's the Doctor here! The jackass pushed 300w for about 30 miles - I hope it hurts now... Why? oh not cuz he's out doing it. That alone gives us all creative license to ride thru any injury, shit, compound fracture? two aspirin.. NEXT! But I hope he hurts due to his "fashion" yes "fashion" For the love of chr... get rid of the Nevada club gear! - no offence guys, but I know none of them can read! hehehehe... kidding, KIDDING!

J- You switched teams! They don't want you no more! Read your By-Laws, it states; when training or racing you are to wear the current team clothing... and give Gregg $50...

Give it up man, move on!

Oct. 7th
Here, this will help-

1 Avoid the former team. Yes, avoid. No, this isn’t being immature. Seeing your former team can bring out emotions and may cause you do to or say something you will regret.

2 Talk out your feelings with new teammates. Get everything out so that you won’t hold it inside. Your friends may get sick of hearing you talk about the situation but you need to let out all your feelings and thoughts or they may come back to bite you later.

3 Cry if you want to. It’s OK to cry over a loss. Don’t hold back, let the tears roll just do it in a safe and private place where it is unlikely to get back to your ex-teammates. You don’t want your tears to be used as a guilt trip. Their purpose is to cleanse you of any pain not make your team come back.

4 Let go of mementos. Put away or give away anything and everything that reminds you of the relationship - like the frickin kit?!

5 Focus on all the things about your ex-team that drove you crazy, turned you off, or that you just plain found annoying. Think about these things often and replay them in your mind over and over.

6 Think about the mean, cruel or rude things your ex-team may have done in your relationship

7 Maintain a strict no contact policy and stick with it. Don’t pass notes through friends. Don’t make any calls. Stay away from instant messaging or texting on your cell. Just don’t contact your ex-team until you are totally and completely sure you're ready to drill them into the ground!


jrennie said...

Glad to see jonathan is up and going again but ouch G. Didn't know the weather got that cold up in truckee already.

Anonymous said...

Greg......I would like to chime in reference to (
> Broke Back Jonny.
> Jlaine, I echo Greg's sentiments and if you are looking for a support
> system, I'm your man. Although I am not a licensed therapist, I have been a
> member of several 12 step programs. So my son "Come on, Come on and bring
> it in for the real thing". The let the tears heal the wounds of manhood.
> And remember Love Hurts....

Johnny Sprocket said...

Jonathan-Glad to hear things are coming along. Really bummed to hear that you crashed in the first place. As for the Brokeback Mountain comparisons with you and Greg, it's been pretty obvious all along. Even with the whispers going up and down the peloton.

Anonymous said...

and again today!

Frank Vanderbickle said...

Sure, he just happens to get "injured" before the furniture needs moving, then "POOF!"

Miraculous recovery.

Next time he fakes a crash check your wallet and credit card balances.