Friday, October 19, 2007

Team work... or, shitty Campy... your choice-

Alan from Davis Bike Club - Race Team sent me this - great team building skills as well as a good way to still go on a training ride even when taking a day off!
I broke my Campy chain and my mates pushed me over the backside of Cardiac and all the way back to the car.... It was cool to see the teamwork. I think some pro teams make their climbers help the sprinters over the hills in the early training camps, or so I hear, to build team unity. (Specialized / Sierra Nevada - take note!)

Quite the hecklefest as my teammies were giving me shit about how my wattage was super low going over the hill, to stay hydrated, that I was secretly homo and just wanted all their hands on my ass etc, and if I "needed anything else," that Lance never had it so good etc was friggin hilarious.



Johnny Sprocket said...

Interesting how he didn't send you the photo of later on when they were doing their secret elephant walk training. Or maybe he did and you've kept that for your own private collection.

Joseba Bickloski said...

I've seen that bike. She-mano cables made from whale sinew. Campy chains circa Frederico Bahamontes. And the same chamois...well, let's not even go there.

That chain had more hard miles than J-Lo's nether regions.

Steve Griffiths said...

New plan for our next training camp. Everyone pushes fat Steve up the hill. Will make their legs stronger.