Thursday, January 8, 2009

Surprise... surprise.......

Those of you who know, know we hate this company... Why? Crappy products, lies.... I had a set of Ksyirum and at 500mi into the set broke a spoke - Ok, I'll give them that, even though I had to walk 5mi as it went so out of true the wheel was burning into the carbon stay. I called the local rep to get a spoke but noooooo , he told me, "broken spoke? I've never heard of that" so send them in for repair to Mass. (for a broken spoke?) I called the company for an RA# and the guy on the phone said, "broken spoke? I've never heard of that", so I did send them in, leaving me w/ no wheels on my bike - I went out and bought a set of Protons to get me thru the 2-week wait. The wheel (rim) was bent as in the material was bent, 500mi? Makes sense to replace the rim as well, so really sending it back did make sense to do. I got the wheel back and all they did was replace the broken spoke! Much like Jerry when Newman arrives... Mavic! Grrrr...

"Broken spoke? I've never heard of that" ahhhhh, those of you reading this who have been thru the Mavic mill know, you join a special club of those who have broken spokes on these wheels and after Mavic making you believe you are the only one, you start meeting one, two, seven who have broken spokes..... Weird...

I'm now back on the rd. and at the SFGP - at the end of the race Mavic is parked by the TV truck loading 100 sets of wheels, so I go up to the guy at the truck and he sees I'm wearing credentials and not just of the streets - I asked him if he had a few spokes he could give me as I was worried I'd get caught out on a trip or something with another broken spoke (after I broke the first one, no shops had any - no need, as they never break, right?) he told me to go to my local shop and get some, geeeee, thanks? I go to the shop and my buddy says no problem, I'll call them and get some. Later that day he calls and says "Dude, you're never gonna believe it, his cost was $11 a spoke! but that's not the best part, he has to buy a whole set!
Well some of you may say I should have bought the Mp3 warrantee from Mavic - Oh, that's right you buy the frickin wheels and then you buy a warrantee to go with them..... stupid me!
So I sold them to a guy I know who then pulled a spoke thru the rim at Sea Otter.... ah, but lucky, the local rep was working a Mavic booth there... "that's not a warrantee" Hmmmmm, well I guess it was, as the guy kept the loaner wheel and went home!
Now you know, and now you know why that stupid yellow moto is cut out of every shot on TV.

Mavic announces R-SYS recall
Posted Jan. 8, 2009

Mavic has determined its R-SYS front wheels are at risk of spoke failure.
Mavic has issued a voluntary recall of its R-SYS front wheels, the company announced this

Mavic is advising consumers not to use the front wheels from any of its R-SYS wheelsets
(R-SYS, R-SYS Test and R-SYS Premium) because of the possible risk of spoke failure.

The system relies on a unique set of tubular carbon spokes. While front wheels rely solely
on the tubular carbon spoke, the rears combine those with Zicral spokes and the risk of
failure is, therefore, lessened.

According to Mavic, consumers should immediately cease use of the front wheels and
return those to a Mavic dealer. The company has promised to deliver "a new upgraded R-
SYS front wheel" at no charge beginning on March 31. Until the replacements become
available, the company will also provide consumers with a set of Aksiums wheels that they
can keep even after they have received the replacement R-SYS front wheel.

The company advises anyone with further questions to contact their Mavic dealer or call
800-664-9228 for further information.

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