Monday, December 3, 2007

Product Review.. Part #1

The SIDI Toasters are battery operated foot warmers. Features include automatic temperature control, wireless remote control (on/off), waterproof, 600+ charge cycles, and a minimum of 10 hours use per charge. These may seem expensive but they are inexpensive when compared to the price of single-use chemical foot warmers. Replaces standard SIDI insoles. Can be used in other shoe brands but may effect fit.

OK, years of standing around on ski hills with my feet in plastic $500 vices leads me down the trail of buying $279 heated foot beds. 3 hr winter training rides (in really not that cold) left me feeling like I had two lead feet that took longer to heat up than a date left too long out in the rain believing I really was going to be on time... So, those of you who know me, know I'm more than on the band wagon when it comes to propping a product that works - only fair on the flip side... unlike the guy who buys a Ferrari that breaks down in the first week and tells everyone its the greatest car - oh, and by the way Baby, that's why I'm late... oh no, you're all wet now, you're gonna have to take a bus- so, that said, how do my nifty little Italian soles work? Not. Too. Well.
After being told "They only get "warm" left me a bit confused as some clever guy thought the moniker should be "SIDI Toasters". Put it this way, Clever Little Guy, (CLG), has never made toast. The ridicule alone dished out from The GONDA! for using these could only be countered with warm smelly feet for the ride home - that never happened. Cold clammy numb feet, with my little French friend reciting the Three Little Piggies... "this little piggy had roast beef and this little piggy's STILL NUMB!" "wee wee wee ALL THE WAY HOME"

Now, I have been told that the first run of these (I got some of the first - and was told to give feedback - here ya go) were not set to put out as much heat as some may have thought. The control is only an on / off switch so you have no way to pump it up. The "Fella" (Hottalk - a review on this individual soon to follow the product review part #2) who works for the distributor of SIDI in the US, and who "performed" the warranty, has assured me the new ones are Toasters (or as he put it "the shit" not sure if that's good shit or...)- so stay tuned as they should be here tomorrow and we'll get part #2 up here ASAP!! ServiceCourse holds no grudge and is pulling for this $300 product to be "The Shit!"

Word Hottalk- word...


Steve Griffiths said...

Ya know, maybe you're still supposed to wear your booties with em?

Do they make Toaster Gondarellas yet? That would be the shit... at least for ________da

Johnny GoFast said...

You're going to get your man card pulled. Feet warmers? Seriously? Next you'll be reviewing the latest top tube Bento Box food holder thing.