Friday, December 28, 2007

WKO & Power...

Have I mentioned how much I suck?

I've got a $3500 SRM, Cycling Peaks software, fancy PJ's to ride in, a good line of shit, and in till today I thought I had it licked.... Not so. I've had a problem w/ my Cycling Peaks WKO software for a little bit now, and to be fair nothing was wrong, just some settings needed to be fixed. Who fixed it you ask? Well the man himself - Hunter Allen (pretty much the guy who started this whole thing). A very clever experience. If you haven't used you should check it out. Hunter was able to take over my computer and not only fix the problem, but bust me on not knowing enough to power a 100w light bulb - well maybe not that bad, but I did find out how much I suck.
If you want to learn more about your WKO workings, check out the help videos here:

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shawndoggy said...

Well looking at that graph, it says your IF was .71 for a NP of 270... which means you've got your FTP set at 380? That sounds awfully high, unless you weigh 100 kilos.

I can't take over yer computer, but I'll betcha nobody has geeked out on WKO+ more than me within a 100 mile radius. Shoot me da emailz if you gots the questions.