Monday, December 10, 2007

SIDI Toasters review - Part #2

Well, I got my SIDI Toasters back, and although Hottalk (see inset) threw his flies in the ointment, it all worked out -

Yesterday I spent 6hrs in them with a temp starting at 37 and ending up a balmy 50 degrees-
I have Shimano road shoes and Pearl booties over them. The shoes were warm to start.

The new Toasters were charged and operated perfectly. The ride was cold but not brutal and I'm...... OK with them. Yep, just OK - they did work, but at hr 4 my right foot got numb from the "ball" forward. It was about 45 at that point. Now, before I get spammed from all my relatives in Italy saying its the shoes, keep in mind these are the same shoes, bike, seat etc... I rode all thru the summer and into the winter. So I don't know what else to report - Veltec was great about swapping them out, and I REALLY wish I could report something more positive. Maybe I have colder feet than the next guy, but isn't that really who these things are marketed to?

For me, I just wish they would turn up the heat or better yet, just make them user regulated?

5 being best - ServiceCourse 2.5


shawndoggy said...

wow, $300 will buy you 600 pairs of chemical warmers at costco, so at only 600 charge cycles, that's a breakeven on them gizmos.

I've got the northwave winter shoes which have a zip-up gauntlet over the laces. By themselves I too found them too cold, so I ran booties over them. WHich did keep my feet warm but kinda defeated the purpose of the fresh winter shoes. Last season I got the revalation to just stuff a chem warmer down between the laces and the lace cover and zip that mf'er up.

worked like a champ and I never ever get cold feet in them now. At 40 pair for $20 for the chem warmers at costco, that's a whole winter's supply for this weekend warrior.

glide said...

Hottalk is looking very swanky in his new FOX gloves.