Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey Man.. We Just Report This Stuff!!!!

Finnish artist Mimosa Pale feels the world is too man-parts-centric. We'd agree. However, we're not sure what to think about a form of protest that includes thrice weekly cruising the streets of Helsinki. inviting its inhabitants to take a ride by slipping inside her giant disembodied vagina mounted on top of her bike taxi. It'll invite discussion for sure, and yes, that is one of the expressed objectives for this mobile art and protest piece. But what does "Oh my god, there goes the giant vagina bike taxi again" do to help the distaff-first movement anyway? Doesn't it just end up creating a false caricature of sorts of the feminine anatomy, seemingly inviting ridicule and toss-aside jokes from external commenters with no understanding of the real implications of the piece? Whatever, who cares -

I knew my two favorite things would one-day become one - Let there be light... and there was! A bit creepy looking...

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