Thursday, August 7, 2008

June Lane?

2 nights ago a friend of many in this area had a bad accident on old hwy 40. In the report on BBI, now known as Puddin's, lady friend's blog; she reports:
"He's awake and joking and is considering making up a dramatic story about the crash involving a run-in with a large bear. (June Lane suggested that we hold a contest to guess how many tubes he has attached to his body.)"

June Lane? June Lane!

Dude you're being takin for a ride! Your chick has no idea what your name truly is! Ha! that's great - some impression you make. Wham, Bam, thank you "June Lane".... I think she's just using you - how dirty you must feel now, June.... how dirty..
Its not as if she has no other monikers to choose from... lets see, first there was JLaine, then BBI (Broke Back Idiot), then Puddin.... and now we have June Lane... I like it! If you say it fast as all one word, JuneLane, it really cool! Kinda superhero like, or pornstar like. I know you have a weird disposition toward wearing a cape.... Or it could simply be due to the ol lady glasses holders you just can't part with? Or possibly something none of us know of, as she is the only one who has seen you naked? That thought alone gives me the shakes.

Ether way, I love her. She has turned the tables on you and all of us males who cringe at being approached by a girl of who we have spent some (special) time with but just can't recall her name.

You know the one... her name is a long drawin out - Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy..... funny how they all have the same name?

She's a keeper June, you may just have to try harder........

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