Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rodney King MUST Be a Cyclist...

From Skinny Tony-

East Bay, CA
At approximately 10:30am our early group saw a driver swerve over the double yellow line in what was a clear attempt to try to hit us head on.

15 minutes later the same thing happened to the regular House Of Pain ride which didn't exactly take it lying down.
There was apparently some name calling and finger's pointing.
The vehicle then made a U turn and proceeded to make another attempt from behind to ram the group.

There was no actual contact as the group apparently got off the road and off there bikes, only to find that this guy was actually getting out of his car to confront 30+guys.
This should give you some idea of the insanity at root here.
I listened to 4 different people I know personally tell the same story of an unprovoked attempted assault on them.

The CHP and Alameda county Sheriff's arrived on scene, though the driver was not arrested. He should have been!
The driver is described as a white male 17 years, with brown hair, wears a black cap turned back. His name is Matt and bears a tattoo on his right arm of that name.
He drives a silver colored GMC or Chevy mid sized SUV. Apparently he and his family live on Collier Canyon Rd. just past the tractor and before the equestrian canopy. The ranch is aptly named "The Hard Time Ranch."

There has been something of a rift going on between the ranchers and the cyclists on this road for some time.
They make the case that they can't pass with trailers in tow when we are gutter to center line and will not ride single file.
Valid of course, but certainly not cause for this type of thing.

I encourage all of you to carry your phones with you when you ride, ride with a friend and if you experience anything like this call 911 immediately.
This is a rural area and therefore a shared jurisdiction with CHP and Alameda County Sheriff's.
911 dials CHP direct.
A description of the person, vehicle and license plate number need to be provided.

As provided by CA law you may make a citizen's arrest for any misdemeanor not committed in the presence of law enforcement.
Using a motor vehicle even in an attempt to assault someone is a felony and police must arrest them upon sufficient complaint of such.

Do make an attempt to stay to the right and share the road with these people, smile and wave.
We don't want to have happen what has happened recently in Los Angeles.

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