Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Not on my group ride....

OK- I thought we had a deal? It was bad enough when we had that little fuzz-ball dressed in Postal kits hanging out with the one-balled doper, but nooooooooooooooooooooooo, you had to push it. Had to muscle in on our little world. Well let me tell you Tiger Beat, this will not stand!

Coming this fall to must see TV:
Evil Has A New Name
Yes he's back - and he's mad as hell!
Watch as this fun loving bike rider, systematically tracks down and kills one by one all those on the road who've wronged him on training rides...
Jlaine is...
The Broke Back Idiot!
Jay Laine shares his ideas to keep you emotionally fit! Learn how your mind and emotions play an important role in weight gain or loss. Find out more and start 'Feeling Good!'
Hottalk Stars in..
The new season of Super Biggest Loser premieres Tuesday, January 21st 8/7c! Stay tuned as the show takes on an all-new twist - teams of two! The pairs aren't just playing for themselves but also for their loved one, co-worker, or best friend.
Paco is...
The King of the Cage in..
SMACK DOWN makes for a night of unpredictable action and excitement. Will Paco get revenge on GM William Regal in a First Blood Match. We'll let you in on a little secret, GM's house didn't burn down by its self...
This ain't you Mama's reality show.. Paco's tasted blood and he's ready to feed again!
So you frickin "Celebrities" want mess with our sport?
Get ready bitches, cuz were takin over yours!

But not you Mick, your good with us-

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jrennie said...

At least Spider-boy has taste:

he can stay