Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Steve is FAT!

Oh boy - my friend Steve is fat. Yes, I said it, he's fat. I can say it cuz he says it. I really don't think he's fat, but he keeps saying he's fat. So therefore, Steve is fat. I however, think he's bulimic. He barfs on almost every ride. I used to think it was a fashion thing as I've seen those "Sun" and "Enquire" mags on the front seat of his Volvo w/ the cool chicks who barf and are hot.
He has the cool guy Volvo - the "R" version, not the "pick up the kids wagon" but the one that the owner thinks is worth 1-million dollars - say it, one-million dollars.... now remove your pinky from the corner of your mouth, cuz if you were "that guy", you would drive a Lamborghini - not a Volvo.

I got an email from "Steve" the other day saying he is thru with the recumbent an moving on.....

The "Aquaduct" was created for Steve as a means of creating clean drinking water from normally non-potable sources. Steve's new diet is just that - water.. Water is first loaded at its source into a large storage tank located at the rear of the three-wheeled machine. Afterwards, pedaling not only propels "Aquaduct" forward, but also drives a peristaltic pump that feeds the water through a filter and then deposits it into a removable 'clean' tank located at the front of the vehicle. The drive wheels can also be disconnected from the crankset so that filtering can continue while the "Aquaduct" remains stationary.

Steve is now saving the world, one stroke at a time..... but he still thinks he's fat....

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Steve Griffiths said...

teapot, I'm going to need to respond in kind.