Monday, February 4, 2008

2 Stories.... one END

Story #1
A search helicopter found two skiers who have been missing since Saturday at a Lake Tahoe resort, according to the Placer County Sheriff's Department.Patrick Frost, 34; and Christopher Gerwig, 32; both of San Francisco were discovered near the Hell Hole Reservoir about seven miles west of Alpine Meadows at 10:30 this morning.... bla blabla
Story #2
These frickin city Jackass' go skiing on sat in a huge storm with high avalanche danger and set off a search - performed by locals up here who know when to stay in vs. these yahoo's who are fueled on energy drinks and X-Terra commercials. BBI is on Search and Rescue and spent sat night on standby at the mtn. as they were held back due to extreme avalanche danger and only allowed to go out at 10am the next day - and stay out till dark! Why? Cuz these two selfish fucks who are "so experienced" "expert skiers" and now "News at 10 heroes" don't give a shit there are upwards of 200 people risking their lives to save theirs! DARWIN, HELP US! Not to mention the searchers missed the 3min Super Bowl!! BBI said to me when he does the "be safe" talk to school kids - the first thing is to stay put... Nissan must have left that out of their commercial. BBI: "when you loose the remote, is it sometimes hard to find?" "yes" "well how hard would it be to find it if it kept moving"? "Hard"! "Yes little boy in the red shirt" "ummm, er ah, why do they call you Broke Back Idiot"?

So thank god our heroes are safe! Thank God they were soooooooo experienced! Thank God they bless us in our little mountain town with their all knowing of the outdoors, and thank god their back in SF where they belong sitting in some Marina Dist. bullshit no name bar with the rest of the office pool buying them drinks. Oh what a water cooler story they have......

Shoot, almost forgot... all this great adventure and its all on you my friend - the Placer Co. Tax Payer! So raise your glass and toast these all American heroes as they tuck into their warm beds tonight - I'm sure when they come down from their high they'll make every effort to cover the cost of their rescue. Right? Hell ya, their Heroes!!


Steve Griffiths said...

cause locals never make mistakes.
WTF with the SPAM? I want my bike porn!

No_Time_2_Train said...

I believe there is some sort of inter-county charge back system for search and rescue costs where the rural counties get to charge the county the idiots live in and then their county gets to decide whether to go after the idiots for the associated costs. Not sure but seem to remember this coming up years ago as all the poor rural county's spend the $ on searching for the idiots from the wealthier counties.