Monday, February 4, 2008

Paskenta... nice break in the weather!

From Peter:
Paskenta Details: 100 mile non-sanctioned race.
We had a great day up in Chico yesterday, teammates that made the trek, got lucky, no rain and clear. Those in attendance, were Tim Creswell, Rick Bradley, Nils Johnson, Chris Bozzuto, Peter Allen.
The roads were dry and we had a south wind most of the time at about5-10 mph. Nils made the select group about 46 miles into the ride,with Rick and Tim making the second group just before the gravel section. I understand, they almost made it to the lead group by 100meters, but missed the big surge. Both Chris and I were in the thirdgroup and came in with Rick and Tim about 3 minutes behind thefinishers. As for the gravel, what gravel, the rock was hard packed, no rock, a few chuck holes, but fast. Great job to everyone, it was a hard 100 miles. Nils finished sixth place, excellent job bro. Give a shout to Chris, he went through all kinds of swings, feelling good to not, to good, to not, to finish his first 100 mile ride ever! That first beer yesterday must have tasted good! See everyone next weekend, either Sat. or Sun.

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