Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cycling Wars? Gladiators? - GAME ON!

First Annual "Uninhibited Racer Awards"-

For the 2008 crit racing season beginning with the 33rd annual Cherry PieCriterium, Cycles Gladiator Wine and the V.O.S. Racing Team will proudlypresent the First Annual 'Uninhibited Racer Awards' for the most"aggressive" racers in each of the eight major categories at participatingcriteriums in the Northern California region. (Pro/1/2, E3, E4, W1/2/3, W4(3/4), 35+ 1/2/3, 35+4/5, 45+)The wine will be awarded following the race in conjunction with other raceawards. The winner will be announced by the emcees at the conclusion ofthe race. All racers may compete for the title, but only racers 21 yearsof age or older are eligible for the wine prize.The Uninhibited Racer Award will be given to the single racer in aqualified criterium whose uninhibited performance best animated the racein a positive, competitive and exciting manner, and best demonstratedqualities of courage, heroism and sportsmanship worthy of reward as a true"Cycles Gladiator."At Cherry Pie, the winners will be decided by the emcees, so animation onthe top of Heartbreak Hill (in front of the spectators) is encouraged.The winners' names throughout the season will be recorded on a special webpage devoted to the competition, hopefully with pictures of the Gladiatorsin "combat."At the conclusion of the season, Cycles Gladiator Wine and VOS will awardthe title of "Uninhibited Racer" to the individuals who were the mostsuccessful Gladiators in each of the eight categories.

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