Saturday, February 14, 2009

Prolouge - Crew day - 3

Hey! no rain!
Don't boast too soon.... Tomorrow is supposed to be 35mph head wind thru the plains of Davis, Napa and over the hills to Santa Rosa. Oh, n pounding rain... Welcome to Belgum, Ca.
The world press is here, France, Australia, Italy etc... Correction from yesterday, we are live to over 200 countries! Crazy. The state of cycling is so bad because of all the drug scandals, that only a small group of just under 1 - million fans showed up in 40 degree temperatures... We shot Floyd in the TT today and the crowd went crazy, as they did for Lance, Basso, and Tyler.... I have to wonder what is was like back in the hay-day?

We are working out the small problems with the new camera bikes and the new RF company is driving a super solid signal back to the world!

Tomorrow we'll see how it all works with sideways rain....... This is gonna be ugly

Shimano feature...
Bob Roll, Poor Bobkie. We did this feature on the new Dura Ace yesterday and he had to do 40 takes to get the info correct as Dustin from Shimano directed the content.... not such a tongue twister but, features that had to be spot on and Bob had been doing these all day already... I did so many deep knee bends during this shoot my legs are still feeling it!

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