Thursday, February 19, 2009

ToC Crew Day - 7 Stage - 5

If Monday and Tuesday were 0's than yesterday and today were bot 10's! No wind and in the 60's - I've dryed out now and all are very happy with the shots.

I have to say, the fans have been going out of there way to thank and complenent us on the job - It's a bit strange but at the same time feels good to open ones eyes as to why we do it.
You come thru the finish line and everyone has been watching the big screens for the past few hours and then there you are? Knida weird for us, and them, as they've been watching a bike race on TV (albeit a big one) and all of a sudden the whole game ends in your lap?

Today we pulled in to our TV camp and the crew had a giant sushi spread all laid out for us!
These guys and girls are unbeliveable, we pull up and they take the camera and gather the shot disks and get you anything youask for. We cannot lift a finger. They get there 1-hr before us in the morning and when we arrive they have all the cameras laid out and breakfast ready. It makes sooooooo much difference I can't really explain it - thank you guys!

The other front moto guy is a guy who has done 7 Tour de France's - this am the local news crew showed up and I knew they were going to want to do an interview so I slid some distance away knowing they would end up with Greg being forced to do it - he he he, and that gave me an chance o get some pic's of him suffering thru it! - that's Greg in the pic...... the other pic is Al the king of our camera / support crew holding the chart- and Scott Nicol of Ibis Bicycles fame who for whatever works for us each yr as a PA? Great guy-

As I'm writing this Astina (and 100 of their closest friends and 10 cops) are outside my door rebuilding Lance's TT bike for tomorrow in Solvang tomorrow - yes it was found on the streets of Sacramento being sold for the worth of a dime bag- whatever...... Twisted to think dopers would steal from one another? 135mi today and they caught em in the last 4k - that my friends is called team radios......

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