Saturday, February 21, 2009

ToC Crew Day -8 Stage 6

With what we are doing production wise here, our TV compound is huge – a bit of a little village with a ton of stairs leading up to a window-less door… Scott &Terry live in this one and in the next one there are six units, where John and Joel and a bunch of others live, Charlie and some others live in the next one across the walk, a few more Satellite trucks, giant generator trucks and support of all types…. Oh, n a crane for microwave relay from the airplane that picks up out signals while flying above the Helli….. etc….. In all, this little village has over 200 HD monitors! A couch potato’s dream.
After shooting Lance in the TT, I’m walking thru the compound and the Executive Producer grabs my arm as I walk by –oh boy, what now? – “Were you the one on Lance?” “mmmm, ya” insinuating a “why” in my answer… “Great stuff!” he says. Shot of the show! This is coming from a guy who mostly only comments on what you’re doing wrong – and rightly so, as we are here to do it – The shot was the opening of the Lance segment, so I figured I’d like a bit of drama to open his run. We lined up with the crowd on the first hill and I shot it compressed as we went up the hill only showing the crowd – the director was yelling in my ear to make my move and I was just staying on the crowd and then slowly pulled out to revile Lance. It’s weird to see this whole tour in black n white and then see a show and all the color!
For me, this shoot has been a little bit of a struggle, the config of the motos, the rain and the com's - its been hard
I’m writing this as we travel down Hwy 101 next to the ocean thru Santa Barbara and starting to feel a bit queasy, not wanting to barf on my MacBook, I’ll sign off.
The next 2 days should be super hard on Astana as everyone is going to be putting the pressure on them and Levi-

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