Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ToC Crew Day - 6 Stage - 4

Today was sunny! Everything still seems wet.... and then we climb to 3800ft and hit snow. Not a little snow, a lot of snow, seems that everything that has been pounding us for the last few days, fell as snow a bit higher. I live in the snow, and know the conditions after a storm, and yes, that's what we got... let me explain, winter sun track is still low, and even though they plow there still is wet road and shadows. When we get to the top of climbs, if it is a big downhill with tight turns we will shoot ahead or drop back and follow down the hill. Today the pack was so wide we could not fall back so we went ahead down the hill - when we do this we sometimes go fast (yesterday we hit 100 just to see how fast the new motos will go, some stupid guy thing) anyway, on the way down the hill we went into a turn, in the shadows, wet, and frozen. Both wheels were slipping and we pushed way wide - frickin scary!!! and all I could think of was 100+ guys coming behind us.... one did go down. Speaking of which... Lance, Levi, and Floyd have all hit the deck so far.
One down side of this shoot is we are live on Versus, and the World Feed, which means we shoot from the gun to the finish - today i shot moto-2 which is with the 2nd group, so I spent all day twisted to the right shooting behind us - yes my upper back is on fire!

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