Monday, February 9, 2009

Sun race report-


Cherry Pie 45+ 1,2,3,4,
Full field. 8min into the race Metcalf and another guy went up the rd. at 11min. Nolan went up to them and the gap then widened...... So that can't stand as we all know, so the next lap I went and had a big bridge which timed out to catching them right at the top of the hill. I kept my momentum and road thru the group in the turn going a good bit faster hoping it would force one of the "S" boys to go w/ - Nolan took the bait (now this is one of those things that falls under the title of "be careful what you ask for" an soon after that "thank you sir, may I have another") So Larry and I work well together for the next 25~30min and the others fall back into the pack... At about 5 laps to go, Metcalf and 5 others are bridging and Larry stops working..... We all come together and Larry goes, I was worked so I stayed knowing if I did go Metcalf would go w/ and it would turn into a tag team of which I would be 3rd at best (we need more team mates in these races!) Had just one of our guys been with the Metcalf's group we could have won the race. Anyway, in the end, Larry was away solo, I jumped at the last turn and got a quick gap for a clean 2nd - Bride's Maid.

In the 35+ race I was cooked from the 45's (321watt avg.) I felt bad as Fairbanks was super gracious in offering a lead out multiple times - thanks John - when really I should have been in that race to provide one for him. All I was able to do was a 1-lap bridge to Chris Phipps an then get caught by the pack soon after w/ 4 to go- I was precooked by then. Maybe John could give us a report from the ft?

All in all, a good day and no one leaked any body fluids-

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