Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And just where are you supposed to ride?

The scene from Sunday - Yes this was an accident. Ever hear the line they use when some one screws up? Ya know, the one - Driving is a privilege not a right? Certain responsibilities are assumed every time you start the car... like not to fall asleep. I've had plenty of times when I've been over tired and done things to keep awake followed by pulling over for a nap. Or in this case a doughnut.
As sad as it is, it will be interesting to see if he is charged. Not many are - cops or other. Skinny Tony - not to be confused with Fat Tony, told me of a law many states have stating that an automobile must not drive any closer than 3 feet to a bicycle - far too practical. I'm trying to find out more about the law and will post any findings.

In light of the current tragedy, one would think things would be better out there but it seems to be worse - yesterday, The GONDA! and I were riding in Reno when some Jackass comes up behind us on his horn and as we ride in single file on the knife edge of the road passes within 3 inches. I caught up 2 miles later and was told "fuckin single file" oh, and "get a ladder and climb it so I can kiss his ass" - Today, my wife gets harassed by some kids within inches while yelling to get the fuck off the road - funny, saw a cop who was more than willing to help a blond hottie in Lycra - hope he gave em some real shit - and Skinny Tony in the bay today gets a bunch of shit from some guy. It really seems to be getting worse out there - never better.

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