Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hey "What was your wattage when you got runover'?

So I talked to my Coach today "How ya doing'? "Well I got hit yesterday" "Really, have you looked at my files"? "WTF"! "You got hit"?
Almost seems to be in vogue these days.... And there are far too many drivers out there willing to award you that badge of honor. But do keep in mind, according to the SF Chronicle, 90% of the time it's the Cyclist's fault. In print, must be true... doubt it? Read the other posts on this blog....Tee he he....

Here's how it went down (for this badge owner). As I don't want to reveal his idenity, lets just callllllllllll him, Brrrrrooooo, Brubaker. Yep Brubaker. Coach Brubaker. Good guy. Pretty mellow, not out there to cause any problems - just ridin his bike..... "Yep "spit", one of them dar faggots all dressed up in dat faggot costume - that's why I got dat faggot bar on front of the Ford! Don't want em to scratch the hood as they go under, Da-hahahahah "cough cough, hack, spit" "yep - them's faggot's"

Well Coach Brubaker is no faggot - he does were that faggot costume... but so do the rest of us - even them faggot girls. Ok, OK. Coach Brubaker was out on a ride when he comes upon 2 pickups stoped in the road window to window talking to each other and blocking the road. No room right. No room left. So he goes up the middle slowly with one foot out pushing himself along up the side of the bed and right to the cab or um.... in this case, the cockpit! But not a cock in the pit, just a loony Bitch who goes ape-shit on him! The thought of him to take the only open passage as the two of them are talking of barrel aged fine vintage Meth! THE NERVE! And with that, the moment he gets past the ft of her pickup she guns it and runs him over! WTF?
He falls over and pulls his feet out of the way and over the bike she goes... and then comes the excuses - "my foot slipped off the brake, I didn't mean to hit you" ah, but she did - and just wait till she finds out the bike was worth more than her frickin pickup!

Coach Brubaker is doing ok - the funny part was when I asked how the hell did ya get home?

Well, she was nice enough to give him a ride - funny how friendships are made......


jrennie said...

Suck! Was it just the wheel?

Nick Schaffner said...

Luckily it was only a "Roval" wheel, was that from the crash - or did it come from the factory like that?