Monday, March 31, 2008

Brisbane 35+ 123 sat & sun

The Pre-mature Ejaculator set rode around in circles covering the front n back.

Sat- 35+ 45 starters and 15 finishers..... wacky n fast.
We went off and I marked everything at the front. Bang bang - half way thru in the ft straight (ft side wind) a Kelly guy who just had to have the spot in ft of me could not hold the wheel but stayed too long and created a big gap - Now, do you except this turn of events and become the Capo of the chase group? or close.....? You close with a big pull! Hell you got Fonseca sucking your wheel, he'll come around and help. Right? I get the group there and wave that weasel fuck thru (oh harsh? Read on as its more than qualified) so I wave him thru as if my pulling off after that hit must have been misunderstood and nothing, until I get jumped and put into TT mode for the rest of the race. People were throwing tomato's at me and the jeers, my God, the jeers - no flashing from the women - complete abandonment. I did have Jason n Rob on one corner cheering and Pete on the other smiling each time passed. That did help! They thru nothing and Rob did show his tits! Little team things help, and you guys know just what to do at the right time. Thanks.
So I stayed out and finally the Ref, who I kept thinking was going to pull me, started coming out each lap and cheering each time I came thru.
The field slowly made it's way around and when the chase caught up I was behind them and River Ride "Max" swerves lightly toward Fonseca and after Fonseca rides up behind Max and hits him - Frickin hits him! Pretty hard w/ the butt of his hand - This guy needs to go. So I finished the race and that's that.
Spent the rest of the day dieing from allergies - I love spring but man it reeks havoc n my lungs.

Sun 35+
Fast fun race - no problem with the hill. I pulled away on the hill and rode off the front for two laps early in the race. I find if I do this and ride an open course early I get a chance to see it empty at speed and open myself up - plus it looks good to the crowd to have our name out there. The rest of the race was pretty good n fun. For me I think our mistake was taking up the ft in the end. Pete came by me and we fell into what seems to be a good routine for the two of us. Pete picked up the pace and we both were getting into redline and Nolan jumped - I tried to follow but never made contact and was blown - this all went on too early. I really think we're "scrappers" in that situation - not filling the role of the aggressors. Not yet. Ca-mon guys, we have only 10 seconds of racing in us, we need to use it correctly - maybe in the last 9 seconds of the race? Handcock - thoughts?

The Caldwell connection.... I have no idea WTF he was doing. All I know is in the only part of the course where you don't have to pedal was fast - I showed 40mph - Caldwell hit me from my right while I was drinking -damn hard- it blew my ft wheel up n off to the side about a foot or so and I fell into his lap landing w/ my right forearm on his left thigh and then he fell into me - that saved the whole thing! My bike came right back under me and I was able to push him back away - thankfully I never changed my line or dropped my water bottle. I really like that bottle. I thanked him for not moving away and the race went on. Funny, had things been different and I had hit him, what would have been said.......

It was a great weekend. No allergies on Sun.

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er er.... he said hand cock, beavis.